1 Pcs, Opticlar SLH Prismatic Loupes 4.0x Magnification, 420mm Working Distance (402.040.420HBLL) SLH Prismatic Loupes The all-new Opticlar SLH Prismatic Loupes have been developed for use in fine surgical procedures, providing optimal magnification of the operating field. The optics are fully adjustable to provide a crystal-clear image, with perfect edge-to-edge clarity and no aberration. With optics available in 4x, 5x and 6x magnification and a range of working distances, SLH Loupes can be configured to suit all users and surgical conditions. Mounted on the Opticlar professional headband, SLH Loupes are comfortable to wear and put zero pressure on the nose and bridge of the user. This allows them to be used for extended durations and helps keep the optics in the correct position at all times. With adjusters at the top and back of the head and cushioned pads for comfort, the professional headband is both secure and a great fit for most users. The multi-adjustable optics mount is manufactured from machined aluminium and holds position perfectly with no ‘drift’. Opticlar SLH Prismatic Loupe are supplied complete with our 3watt LED Loupe-Light, with True-Tone LED Illumination producing a natural image with excellent colour-rendering properties. The light is mounted instantly to the Loupe via a magnetic contact plate, allowing the user to fit or remove it in a second! Coated, prismatic optics with edge-to-edge image, perfect clarity and no aberration Versatile, with a choice of magnification, working distance and adjustment Solid build quality and reliable in use Easy to adjust and set up optics Individually adjustable optics Comfortable professional headband for extended use Removable and sterilisable optics ‘sleeves’ included Opticlar 3Watt LED light with instant, magnetic connection included

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